Carrie Renner

Attorney at Law

Carrie Renner focuses her practice around the legal needs of individuals and families planning for their futures, as well as handling the estates of loved ones who have passed. While Carrie takes great pride and precision in drafting important legal documents, her true passion lies in communicating effectively with clients — listening carefully to her clients’ goals and advising them of their options in a clear and understandable way.

Estate Planning

A good estate planner must enjoy working with people. Carrie is known by her colleagues for taking the time necessary to get to know new clients and their unique situations as well as for maintaining relationships with longtime clients as she serves their continuing needs. Whether a client comes in with a particular plan in mind or has not given it much thought at all, Carrie ensures that the client is educated on the pros and cons of their options and delivers a plan that is ultimately the desire of the client. From the initial meeting to the final execution, Carrie is available to answer questions each step of the way.

Cabin Planning

Earlier in her career, Carrie and her family personally found themselves in the not-so-unique situation of planning the succession of their family cabin. This situation ignited a passion in her for helping other families through their own cabin planning process. As Minnesotans, many of us understand that the family cabin (whether a cabin, farm, hunting land, condo or something else… located in Minnesota… or elsewhere) is not just another asset that must be “dealt with” upon the death of the owner. It is a place where family comes together, where memories are made, and where many take a step back from the rigors of everyday life. Carrie understands that the discussions that go into planning the succession in ownership of that special place must be as unique and customized as the “cabin” itself. She would relish the opportunity to have a conversation with you about your cabin and introduce you to the myriad of planning solutions available to you.


If life’s turns bring you to a probate attorney to discuss the estate of a loved one who has passed, never settle for the attorney who is so eager to discuss assets that they forget to express their condolences for your loss. Probate is not merely the administration of a decedent’s estate; more importantly, it is the process of helping a grieved loved one navigate the court system in order to distribute assets in an efficient, timely and stress-free manner. Carrie makes it a priority to alleviate the stress that can be involved in the probate process and maintains clear, compassionate communication with her clients at every turn. Together, she and her clients are successful at preserving and protecting the assets of the estate to every extent possible for the benefit of the loved ones left behind.

Carrie Renner is a 1996 graduate of Gustavus Adolphus College and a 1999 graduate of Mitchell Hamline School of Law (formerly William Mitchell College of Law) where she served as president of the Student Chapter of the American Bar Association and vice-president of the Law School’s Student Bar Association. She was recognized for her aptitude in legal writing and continued to hone those skills as a Judicial Law Clerk in Minnesota’s First Judicial District. Following her clerkship, Carrie took a sabbatical to work abroad in New Zealand and later returned to the States where she made spending time with her husband and four children a priority. Carrie has held numerous volunteer positions in her local school district, church and Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of America. She is a member of the Minnesota State Bar Association’s Probate and Trust, Real Estate and Elder Law sections. She welcomes the opportunity to speak to your group about estate planning, cabin succession planning, probate and trust administration and more.

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