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3 Steps to Maximize Your Profit When You Sell Your Business

Lucere Legal helps small business owners prepare to sell their company

If you are planning to ever sell your business, now or in the future, there are 3 strategies you should use to get as much return as possible on your hard work in building your business:

Pre-sale planning.  There are plenty of opportunities to increase the sale price of your company.  Kimberly Hanlon, founder of our firm, is friends with nationally known business broker and author Michelle Seiler-Tucker. In her book, Sell Your Business for More Than It’s Worth, Michelle emphasizes the need for having clean books as part of pre-sale planning. The valuation of your business will be impacted if you have messy co-mingling of funds or are running a lot of personal expenses through your business.  You should consider reading her book – she often helps her clients sell their business for 40% more than they could have on their own, and she shares her great tips on what you can do to make your business reflect its greatest value.

Pre-sale tax planning.  Before selling your business, you need to consider your company’s tax situation as well as your family’s, and then structure the deal to minimize any taxes that could result.  You will want to see which is best – an asset sale or an equity sale. They get treated differently as far as capital gains tax is concerned. You also may want to restructure any assets not used in the business to be sold apart from the company or use them for other purposes.  You could also look into using charitable trusts to reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes.

Negotiate with confidence.  All the planning and preparation you have done before you sell your company will help you be a more skillful negotiator.  Take the time to understand the motivations of your potential buyers, which can provide excellent insight you can use to your advantage when negotiating the highest possible price for your company.

Taking these three steps will help you position yourself to get the best price for your business and help you increase your family wealth.

To learn more, see our Selling A Business page and be sure to watch our video on preparing your business for a sale.

If you’re a small or mid-size business owner and considering selling your business or want to ensure that it’s well-prepared for sale, call us at (612) 206-3701 or fill out our contact form today to schedule a business consultation session.

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Do you have a cabin?

The first generation that buys a cabin enjoys it to the fullest and it’s a magical place where happy memories are made and families go for some much needed respite. Unfortunately, without thoughtful planning, the chances of the cabin staying a place of happiness and tranquility into successive generations is very, very slim.

If you haven’t done the planning in advance and made it legally binding, the family members (and their ex-spouses and new spouses) will have to work every detail out for themselves. If they can’t, what is likely to happen is a lawsuit called an action for partition that forces everyone to sell their interest. This lawsuit is expensive, and the costs of litigation will come out of the proceeds of the sale of the cabin, so to add insult to injury to those who wanted to keep the cabin but couldn’t afford to buy the others out, they are footing part of the legal bills in the lawsuit against them. Ouch!

It’s no wonder that family members stop speaking for years after the cabin conflict is “resolved.” You can’t make family relationships perfect, but you can take away much of the fuel for the family conflict fire. That’s what cabin planning does, and it has the nice side effect of giving you peace of mind now.

That’s why Kimberly wrote The Minnesota Cabin Planning Guide and Workbook, and you can get a free electronic copy of her book on our cabin planning website, or you can find it in many county libraries in Minnesota, or you can get it on amazon.com.

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