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When Lucere Legal started up, the attorneys determined that they wanted their firm to have a better culture, a better way of serving clients, and a better business model than the traditional law firm. Little did they know at the time that that idea would be a spring board for something much larger than they imagined.

Shortly after opening the doors, word spread that they were doing things differently and people began to seek the firm out. Clients liked that the firm values a collaborative approach and places importance on the client experience as much as the legal results. Attorneys liked that the firm was flexible and allowed for focusing on aspects of life outside of work, making it possible for talented lawyers to continue to have fulfilling careers while taking care of growing families or aging parents (or both). 

We invite you to read about the things we’re doing differently, and we’ll be glad to have a conversation about this with you, too, when you give us a call.  





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