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Business Attorney Jennifer Milchak

Jennifer Milchak

Attorney at Law

I have always had a strong desire to help others.   Both of my parents are philanthropic minded and growing up, they taught me and my eight siblings to remember that not everyone was as fortunate as our family.   My family was very rich in compassion and kindness.  More than once as a child, I recall my parents putting the needs of others above theirs.  As I got older, it became clear to me that whatever occupation I chose, I felt a need to help others in the same way that was modeled by my parents.  Watching my father run  his own small-town law practice, counseling others, taking the time to understand their needs and getting to know them as people, not just as clients, helped solidify my own desire to pursue the law as a career.

After graduating from law school in Pennsylvania, I enjoyed practicing law for many years.  When we moved to the Twin Cities, I decided to take a hiatus to begin raising a family with my husband. It was during this busy time with our young family, that my compassion for others and my desire to help became more ingrained in me.  I spent much of my time volunteering in various capacities, wanting to serve and support others.   When I decided to come back to practicing law, I did so with a fresh, rejuvenated perspective. 

What makes me different?  Why hire me?  First and foremost, my approach with every client is to get to know and understand their current situation in life.  Let’s be honest, most people don’t typically come to a lawyer when things are going well in their life.  My first contact with a potential client is usually when they are seeking advice and assistance AFTER something has already happened.  So, it is imperative that I understand not only what brought that client to me and how I can assist in the current situation, but also how I can advise and help them make a plan for the future.  

Working together, we will find a solution.  I want to be a key part of helping my client’s business grow and flourish.  I want to support their non-profit to become even more than they had envisioned.  I want my clients to feel comfortable knowing I have only their best interest in mind.    My goal is to build a partnership with my clients for years to come as a valued, trusted resource.

For me, your success is my success!  I take great pride in being a dedicated advocate, focused on achieving the best outcomes for clients while having an open, sensible approach to practicing law.  All of your questions and concerns will be addressed by me, while I examine all aspects of your legal issue with a creative perspective to find a practical solution. Effectively helping individuals, entrepreneurs, non-profits and small businesses like you succeed is what I thrive upon!

So, what next?  Call me and let’s talk about your current legal needs.  But, let’s also talk about your life and your future needs.  What are your goals?  What dream do you want to pursue?  Let me be your guide through it all.  I want to be your attorney for not only today, but, also for tomorrow.

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