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Our Values

These are our highest values:

  1. We believe that people should be empowered to design their lives to be satisfying and fulfilling and being able to empower small business owners in their business has a larger positive ripple effect in their families and communities.
  2. We value collaboration in our firm – collaboration with our clients and collaboration within our firm. We believe that we are more creative together and people are better served when we work together.
  3. We are lifetime learners and we value the insight gained from both teaching and learning. Our clients appreciate our focus on providing education and guidance for them to make informed decisions.

4. Integrity is a paramount value for us. We believe that being upfront about the chances of a case’s success, the potential costs of a case, and the potential emotional and human fallout is the only ethical way to operate.

5. We seek to contribute to the communities in which we work and live, and we do that through educational events, educational media, and pro-bono legal service.

If our values are aligned with yours, we’d love to have the opportunity to serve you.

The word Lucere means “to shine” in Latin. We took that name because that is exactly what we do for our clients – we shine the way in business and legal matters. From our point of view, we only succeed when our clients succeed.

We work with small business owners and their families to bring clarity, education, and guidance to their legal needs. As a result of our work, people are empowered to follow their dreams, have satisfying lives, and operate with grace and peace.

Our favorite people to serve are small business owners who are positive, friendly, growth oriented, and up to something. People who fit that description are the business equivalent of soul mates to us. We serve these people beyond just their business interests by providing support and service to what is most important to them – their families.

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