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Kimberly Hanlon and Sommer Spector have spoken to audiences large and small on topics ranging from legal education for lawyers, legal and business topics for entrepreneurs, cabin planning, and estate planning for families.

We would be glad to present any of our prepared talks to your group or build a customized presentation for your audience’s needs. Presentations can be given in half hour or one hour formats, and workshops can be tailored for one hour or two hour formats.

Contact us at (612) 206-3701 or speaking@lucerelegal.com for more information.

Presentations for Business

Why Your Business Needs a Will and a Pre-Nup

In this talk, we cover the pitfalls of leaving your business without operating agreements and buy-sell provisions and let you know what to do instead.

Is your business built on a solid foundation?

The size and longevity of your business depends on the strength of its foundation. A business’ foundation is built on it’s legal, risk management, financial, and tax systems. In this talk, we go over the different aspects of creating a strong business foundation.

How to Plan a Graceful and Profitable Exit from Your Business

Exiting your business without planning rarely results in a smooth transition or a good financial outcome. Since most business owners have a majority of their assets tied up in their business, making sure it pays off in the end is important.

Must Know Issues for Real Estate Agents and Investors Dealing with Probate Property

There are great opportunities for profitable real estate deals from probate properties, but they require special handling. In this talk, we go over the traps for the unwary and let agents and investment buyers know what they can expect in the process of purchasing these properties.

Presentations for Families

Emergency Guardian Planning

In this talk, geared towards parents with children at home, we share what happens when parents don’t plan for the worst. More important, we help parents take charge and ensure that their kids are cared for even in the worst of times.

The Top 10 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Family from Fighting Over the Cabin

In an ideal world, when you died you would give the cabin to your family and they would naturally work out among themselves who was going to be there when, how the bills were going to get paid, and how the upkeep was going to be managed. Keeping your cabin a place of tranquility and happiness for your family takes some forethought. In this talk, we go over the top ten things you can do to help make that happen.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Estate Planning (And More!)

People have all sorts of ideas about estate planning, some it right and much of it myth. In this talk, we go over the planning tools that make up a comprehensive estate plan, as well as some advanced planning options that are useful in a handful of common scenarios, and explain in plain English how they work. 


How to choose the right estate planning tools for you and your family – an interactive workshop with tangible results

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start with estate planning; you may know you want to do it, you may even know that you need it, but you might not know what all your options are and of those options, which one fits your goals and situation best. In this workshop, we take you through a step-by-step process that asks you simple questions, and then your answers guide you to the right options and and you will walk away with your own personalized roadmap for where to go next.

Guardian Nomination Workshop

In this workshop, we provide guidance to parents using our process of identifying the best people to raise your children if something were to happen to you based on the values you hold most dear, and then we assist you in preparing your documents. You will walk away with fully executed documents that will give you the peace of mind knowing your kids will be raised right.

Estate Plan Review Workshop

In this workshop, we cover what would happen if you didn’t have a plan or if the plan you have now failed, and then we walk you through the process of identifying what you want your plan to do. Finally, we take a look at each individual plan brought to the workshop to let you know if your current plan aligns with your wishes, and what to do about it if your current plan falls short.

Presentations for Lawyers

How to Be a Networking Ninja

Networking isn’t about being salesy or pushy, and it’s not about shoving your business card in everyone’s hands. In this talk, we give you a method to meet people and talk about who you are and what you do in a natural, non-invasive way. We also talk about how you can organize and maximize on the contacts you make, and how to take it to the next level with those things that are unique to you.

Strategies for Using your Time for a Successful Practice and a Happy Life

In this talk, we reveal five strategies to improve your practice and your life. Introducing any one strategy will make a difference, and implementing all of them will completely transform your experience of practicing law.

Marketing Effectively Within the Letter and Spirit of the Ethics Rules

Attorney Kimberly Hanlon and legal marketing strategist Digby Willard have joined forces to bring you a comprehensive legal marketing ethics primer, including what-to-do and what-NOT-to-do for each of the rules, and how to apply the rules safely and effectively to specific media.

How to Work with Virtual Assistants to Make Your Life Easier and Grow Your Bottom Line

When you have the help you need, you can spend more of your time doing the work that you like best that bring in the most money. For that help to be most effective, you need to have the right person for the tasks, have good procedures for working with them, and work in a way that is compliant with your ethical rules and duties. In this talk, we cover all that, plus we will show you how to use virtual assistants to increase your profits.

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